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  • To work for ensuring child rights mentioned in the United Nations and International Child Right Charter.
  • To conduct research and development activities on the fulfillment of basic needs of children from deprived and marginal families in rural and urban areas of Nepal.
  • To fulfill the basic needs of children, specifically  focusing on rural children.
  • To provide income generating skills, knowledge and activities to the parents of deprived children.
  • To provide education for children.
  • To help in executing SDGs-2015 passed by Sustainable Development Summit of the United Nations in line with the Nepalese contexts.
  • To fight against poverty, food insecurity and malnutrition by working for sustainable agricultural development.
  • To work for healthy people of all ages by ensuring and promoting healthy life.
  • To work for ensuring inclusive and quality education for all and contribute towards continuing education.
  • To work for water and sanitation for all.
  • To help in the generation of productive employment for inclusive and sustainable economic development.
  • To work for secured human settlements and resettlements.
  •  To conduct research and work for mitigating climate change effects.
  • To work for conserving water resources, particularly for rivers, streams, lakes, ground waters and spring water.
  • To promote forest and forest ecology and control deforestation and soil erosion with the conservation of bio-diversity.
  • To work for social harmony, peace, and justice.
  • To enhance worldwide partnerships for enhancing sustainable development in Nepal.
  • To help all kinds of victims and work for their livelihoods.
  • To work for ultra-poor, Dalits, marginalized, nearly extinct communities, aboriginal, Janajati people for their education, health, and economic empowerment through research and development.
  • To do promotional activities for the tourism development in Nepal. 
  • To sustain the organization through various income generating activities and utilizing the amount for the welfare programs.

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