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Integrated Social Development and Research Institute (ISDRI) is an independent, non-partisan and non-profit institution registered in Nepal. The whole world can be considered as a small
house due to globalization processes. Any human or natural event occurring in any part of the world has a direct or indirect effect on the rest of the world. Nepal is rich in natural capital as well as demographic and cultural diversity. The balanced and sustainable development has to be made to be felt by all ethnic and religious people residing in different physiographic zones of Nepal. Lots of unwanted human behaviors have been causing global warming which has been a great concern for the present as well as the future of our pristine earth, home of all living beings. The ever-increasing resource and environmental degradation has been making our earth more vulnerable for all but especially poor nations and marginal communities.

Due to long conflicts and political instability, Nepal is far behind in economic development and therefore lot of social, economic, and environmental problems need to be addressed. Nepal 
 alone cannot solve such problems, therefore generous support from the developed nations and people has always been needed. Integrated Social Development and Research Institute (ISDRI) was established in 2012 to work for human rights, livelihood programs, environmental and climate change related works, empowerment of women and children, Dalits, Janajati, disadvantaged communities and deprived sectors in order to achieve the balanced and sustainable development of Nepal.

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