Rajesh K.C. (Treasure)

rajesh sir

Treasure: Executive Board at ISDRI /Integrated Social Development and Research Institute:  Katmandu Nepal

Citizen of Nepal: Born on February 27, 1979


Fluent in written and spoken Nepali, Hindi and English, Magar kham (spoken)

Permanent Residence:

Ghorahi -11, Dang  District Rapti  Zone, Nepal

Mobile Phone: +977-9841020824

Email: kcrajesh10@gmail.com

Current Affiliation

Officer: Government of Nepal Ministry of Finance Youth and Small Entrepreneur Self-employment Fund, Secretariat


M.A. (2007): Institute: Tribhuwan University, Nepal

                          Program: English

B.A. (2004): Institute:  Tribhuvan University, Nepal

I.A. (2001):  Tribhuvan University, Nepal

S.LC. (1997):  Laboratory Higher Secondary School, Board/HMG, Nepal.