Relief materials distributed to brick factory workers and their children by ISDRI


On Monday, February 29, 2016 clothing donated by generous donors from Europe was distributed to workers of Jaya Dibyaswori Brick Factory located at Bhaktapur Jhaukhe. About 150 workers and their children received donations, distributed by the charitable group ISDRI.

The workers are from the hill region of Nepal, the Terai, and are hired to work in various brick factories of Bhaktapur. Rolpa, Rukum, Ramechhap, Sindhuli, Kavre, Sindhupalchowk, Nuwakot, Sarlahi and Rautahat including Baake’s workers. For the 6 month period Bhaktapur’s brick factory is a suitable place to work and earn money. Some labourers are also from India’s Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.


The people who provided the clothing are citizens of Germany, Austria, and Japan. This clothing was sent to Nepal through the EMS service, who continue their work providing support for people in need.

The unanimous decision of the ISDRI organization was to distribute more than 300 pieces of clothing to the brick factory workers. These workers are poor and their children’s lives are very painful and tragic. Education, health and sanitation are the natural right of these workers but the situation in Nepal is complex. With this end in mind, ISDRI has been distributing relief materials.


Children accompany the parents when they travel for work. According to the law child labor is a crime but the children do provide labor at the brick factory. The children were delighted with the support provided by ISDRI and the efforts made the workers smile which they gratefully expressed to us.

Financial Support By: Susanne Seethaler, Heike Charlotte Eggert-Biehl Monika Herweg, Manuela Lavecchia, Conny Elschner Ulrike Plein, Stefanie PutzCornelia Elschner, Ella Schwart J. Peterhansh, H. Sschwoucc Hiesbacher, Pirodda Vaeeria