Relief distribution to flood affected people in Ratnanagar

ISDRI Nepal distributed relief materials to the flood affected people of ward5, 6 and 7 of Chitwan’s Ratnanagar Municipality. Apart from distributing food stuff to 92 households, the ISDRI also ran free health camps. Highly marginalized indesigenious people Bote, Musahar, Kumal, and Dalit ethnic communities were hardest hit by the floods. The settlements were inundated due to incessant rainfall that lasted for three days (from August 13-15).  Mostly people from Musahar and Bote communities were rendered homeless following the flooding. These communities were marginally poor even before the disaster hit.

The flood hit settlements had not completely dried when the ISDRI team reached there. The belongings of the flood affected people were littered everywhere. Their paddy fields were washed out, and it was difficult to move from one place to another due to flood deposited mud layers. The flood affected people seemed helpless. They said the floods caused a huge loss of livestock. The toll of the dead animals such as buffalo, chickens, and goats was countless. The disaster didn’t even spare the banana fields nearby the houses.

The relief goods were distributed on August 22 with the active participation from various organizations based in Chitwan district. Prof. Dr. Punya Prasad Regmi, who is expertise of Rural and regional development planning.

The tourist town of Sauraha, along with these settlements, was flooded when Rapti and Budhi Rapti Rivers breached their banks. The nearly three-day long incessant rains forced the schools to shut as the floods inundated most schools and obstructed the movement of people.

ISDRI Nepal Advisory Roberta Anderson and her friends, David Daniels, Mechel Gallaway Daniels, and Roberta Veatch, Linda Helding, DieterSchnurr, Julia Riffle, Luxmi Petticrew and her family, P Mecy Sebastian and Robert Berryman were among organization and people who donated for extending support to the flood affected.

The flood affected people living in Sauraha, 81-km south of Kathmandu, looked very happy during the relief distribution program. Twenty-three-year-old Ranju Musahar rejoiced with happiness when she received the relief goods. Another flood-hit local, Single woman Harikala Pariyar expressed her deep gratitude for extending support during such a crisis and deemed those involved in distributing the support as god. Bikani Bote said such a day of happiness would rarely come in his life. Phulkumari Bote and Kali Mahato said this was the happiest day of their life. “If you ever come again, please come with a project to build school for our children,” said the duo in a single voice during the farewell.