Mechel Gallaway Daniels



Advisor to the Board at ISDRI /Integrated Social Development and Research Institute; Katmandu Nepal

Ageless Wisdom is the Root of All Spirituality



Mechel is an expert in financial analysis, auditing and reporting, having served in the private and public sectors throughout a 30-year career as an accountant and controller.  Clients include small businesses, public accounting, City of Scottsdale and State of Arizona.  She worked closely with the makers of QuickBooks and developed specialized modules to enable small businesses to operate more effectively.

Concurrent with her business career, Mechel embarked on the journey into the Ageless Wisdom Teachings over 25 years ago. She has dedicated her life to enlightenment through purification…transmutation, transformation and transfiguration.  She teaches and transfers wisdom gleaned from life’s experiences, study and practice to student; and she serves as an agent of synthesis to bring divergent groups and ideas into unity.

Poet / Teacher / Humanitarian / Social Advocate / Communicator / Designer

Poet at MyMechel

I invite you to see some of my work at the following link:   Please feel free to explore my Poetry Blog for inspiration

Teacher of Ageless Wisdom

With the achievement of a Master’s Degree in Mental-Spiritual Counseling, I teach in a small class environment the way of the Path of Enlightenment.  These teachings of the great Masters have been gifted to all who are open to receive and who are willing to commit to learning and practical application of the teachings in service to humanity.

Humanitarian / Social Advocate

I invest energy into projects that support political advocacy, redistribution of wealth under the universal law of sharing, climate and environmental protection, child education, development and protection, organic and non-GMO foods, women’s rights.

 Designer / Spatial Optimization

I have been owner-builder of many homes, designing and optimizing spatial relationships in balance with functionality, environment and nature.


Controller at   North Peak Construction, LLC

September 2005 – December 2006 (1 year 4 months)

Reconcile intercompany accounts for twelve companies & two sets of personal books. Obtained in excess of $45,000 in sales tax refunds after correcting TPT filings for 24 months. Saved more than $8,000 on general liability audit and $12,000 on city sales tax audit. General ledger, job cost, fixed asset, accounts payable & payroll accounting including monthly & quarterly payroll tax filings. Monthly privilege tax reporting for three companies. Annual coordination & preparation of tax file information for an outside tax preparer. Set up job costing system for a construction company.

 Accounting Manager at   Calhoun Barre Dev Corp.

August 2000 – June 2005 (4 years 11 months)

All responsibilities mentioned are performed for four apartment communities’ as well limited responsibilities for the management company. Improved detailed expense reporting to president enabling him to fine-tune accountability. Financial statement reporting to president on a monthly basis. General ledger, fixed asset, accounts payable & payroll accounting including monthly & quarterly payroll tax filings. Coordination & reconciliation of on-site property management software to the bank & general ledger.  Office management & administration for owner & property supervisor.     Monthly financial statement reporting for one of the apartment communities to multiple outside shareholders. Annual coordination & preparation of tax file information for an outside tax return preparer. Annual financial statement reporting to all mortgage companies.

Accountant at   Webb’s Plumbing Co., Inc.

March 2000 – August 2000 (6 months)

Designed automated inventory computer system–improved inventory efficiency & decreased staffing costs. Account for all functions of plumbing company with detailed computerized job costing, along with multiple state operations, & real-estate management.  Trained Co-owner to take over accounting function.

Accountant at   Downing & Associates, Inc.

September 1996 – March 2000 (3 years 7 months)

The following functions were performed for the following industries non-profit, construction, retail, service, hotel/motel, manufacturing, wholesale, trucking, insurance, engineering, auto, & medical. Job costing, financial & fund accounting, financial statement reporting, general ledger accounting, project accounting, proformas, accounting for court cases, IRS representation, review monthly books, write procedures, coordinate tax accounting for complex clients, design computerized systems, train clients & staff on computerized systems, assist clients with system downloading, & trouble shoot information, documentation,

& system problems. Due diligence reporting for buyout.

Owner builder at   Self Employed

January 1991 – January 1996 (5 years 1 month)

I maintained the income level required to support my family. I also provided the flexibility needed to meet the special needs of my family during a time of extraordinarily demanding situations, such as building homes, dealing with having children & major health issues of one of my children. Use all skills in the performance of contract work for individuals, small businesses and family.

 Accountant at   City of Scottsdale

January 1988 – January 1991 (3 years 1 month)

Earned & additional $1.5 million dollars in interest income over budgeted projections in the first year I actively invested in the short-term market. Accounting for all grants, trusts, investments, & community development block grant. Manage the savings fund with an investment portfolio in excess of $100,000,000. Automate investment accounting. Report to the city council using easy to understand graphic presentations. Prepare colored graphics for newspaper presentations.   Prepare schedules for audits, & published financial

& budgeting reports.   Assist in management level reconciliation’s in the absence of the accounting manager.

Senior Auditor at   Deloitte

January 1984 – January 1985 (1 year 1 month)

Auditing of complex client’s for public financial statements including consolidations with subsidiary companies in excess of 2,000 subsidiary companies.  Supervise new auditors on parent company audit.


Ageless Wisdom Seminary/University

Master’s degree, Mental/Spiritual Counseling, 2011 – 2013

BS, Spiritual Holistic Healing, 2008 – 2011 Arizona State University

Bachelor of Science, Accounting, 1978 – 1983

Arizona State University – W. P. Carey School of Business

BS, Accountancy, 1978 – 1983


Humanitarian, Social Activist, Women’s Rights, Hiking, Photography, Ageless Wisdom, My Husband & Family, Animal Lover