John Jay Bonstingl



Advisor to the Board at ISDRI /Integrated Social Development and Research Institute; Katmandu Nepal.


Author, Publisher, Media Designer, Speaker

Global Authority on Quality Leadership

International Project Manager


John Jay Bonstingl is a founder of the worldwide Quality Learning Movement based on the teachings of Dr. W. Edwards Deming As a student of Deming. Jay is today one of the world’s leading experts in personal and systemic improvement through Quality principles and practices in education, healthcare, business, government and nonprofits. His work has a special focus on Quality based strategic planning and the development of positive, innovative, long-term relationships with partners, suppliers, clients and key stakeholder groups.

As an innovative teacher, author, business owner, host of TV and radio news and current affairs programs, producer of educational videos, Jay is a popular and sought-after keynote speaker for conferences throughout North America and overseas. He has served as executive consultant to corporations, nonprofits and educational organizations around the word and advisor to more than twenty ministries of education.

Assignments and Presentations in : China, Taiwan, Japan, Israel, Brazil, United Kingdom, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Turkey, Uganda, Kenya, India, Czech Republic, Nepal, South Africa, Singapore (partial Listing).

Sponsors: Fulbright Program: U.S. Department of State: Microsoft Corporation, Ministrics of Education of China, Israel, Taiwan, Hungary, and the Netherlands, City University of London, Bogazici University (Istanbul), Eotvos Lorand University (Budapest); Charles University (Prague); Waseda University (Tokyo); Kathmandu University; Incirlik Air Base (Turkey); Aviano Air Base (Italy); South Africa Quality Council (partial Listing).

Topics (very partial listing):

“Quality in a Nutshell”

“The Deming Approach to Quality Leadership”

“First Impressions: Your Front Line People and Their Impact on Your Brand”

“Testing Your Own Systems; How to Optimize Your Customers’ Experience”

“The 7 Personal Practices of Quality; Making Quality a Dedicated Way of Life”

“The Baldrige Award Process for Continuous Improvement”

“What To Do Next”

“Expanding Learning Potential; Twenty Essential Tools to Improve Achievement”

“The Power of Personal Leadership Four Crucial Quality of a True Leader”

“The Interface between Humans and Machines: Making it Work”


Lectures: Harvard, Princeton, and other leading colleges and universities throughout the United States.

Authorship: Five published books including two bestsellers in the fields of Quality Leadership and Education; Schools of Quality (Corwin) and Introduction to the Social Sciences (Prentice Hall). Numerous articles in business and education journals.

Conference planning, organization, and management:

  • Annual youth leadership summits across the United States
  • Conferences and workshop for organizational leaders throughout the U.S.A. including; “The Deming Approach to Quality,” “Implementing the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Program for Process Improvement in Your Organization.” “Benchmarking Best Practices of the Baldrigc Award winning Ritz-Carlton Hotel Co.,” “The 11 core values Every High-Performing Organization Exemplifies,” and “How to build Crucial Leadership Capacity Throughout Your Organization.”
  • “The Personal Journey of Quality” (annual 3-day leadership retreat for a small group of highly select CEOs, held at the Kapalua Ritz-Carlton Hotel on Maui).


Radio & Television: Host of “Global Conversations” radio interview program: guest host for C-SPAN, work featured on CNN; featured guest on radio interview programs internationally, including “Good Morning South Africa.”

Examiner/Judge: Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Program. U.S. Department of Education’s Blue Ribbon Schools Program, and the American Health Care Association’s National Quality Award Program, among others.

Keynotes and workshop:  Designed and conducted for organizations and conferences throughout the USA.

Executive Consultant for businesses, government, nonprofits, and education institutions throughout the United States (and internationally).

Doctoral work: City University of London

Objective: Consulting, speaking, writing, and project management in the field of leadership development for business, education and NGOs.