Educational Materials Support Project 1 st

Collaborating Organizations: Italia Sky Sport and Lety Bonelli
Start Date : 25th February, 2016
End Date :  29th  February, 2016

DescriptionEducational materials were distributed to 35 children. These children were studying in Nursery to    Class 8 at Jhaukhels local community secondary school Ajad Bhaktapur. The supplies included colour pencil sets, drawing paper, story books and stationery sets, and were distributed in the presence of Principal Keshav Baniya and other teachers. The 35 children and their parents are workers at the nearby brick factory. The parents and children both work, although according to Keshav Baniya, these children are our guest students. They study here for 6 months and for another 6 months study in their own home town. They work morning and evening as well as during their school holidays. The children going to school tired has become routine.