Earthquake  Survivor Support Project 2nd

Financial support: 潘布悔, Alice Spogis Start Date : 24th Dec.  2015 End Date : 27th Dec.  2015 Description : This has been the coldest year in the past 3 years in Nepal. It is having a bad effect on recently delivered women, children and old people. On top of this cold weather, the massive earthquake and India’s blockage has been like a death note to the affected people. Many people have been badly affected and are dying due to cold weather and they are in a precarious situation. In response to this situation, ISDRI Nepal has distributed jackets to 30 highly marginalize ethnic community children in the very remote area of Tanahu district, Chhinkeshwory V.D.C. Ward-3. [Read More]

Earthquake Survivor Support Project 1st

Collaborating Organizations : Bhaktapur Library Association, Smile for Hope Start Date : 29th April  2015 End Date :  30th may 2015   Description:   There was more than 8702 people killed, more than half million houses destroyed and large number of people were homeless by the destructive earthquake of 25th 2015 to May 30th  May 2015. ISDRI Nepal supported the relief materials foods to the victim of earthquakes, as well as providing Mask, Gloves, Helmets to scout group and local youth group for their safety in order to manage destroyed houses by massive earthquakes. [Read More]

ISDRI supported to HIV affected orphan Children

ISDRI provided blankets and sheets to HIV affected orphan children at the Baby Life Home centre (where there are 23 children), Bhaktepati, Kritipur, Kathmandu on 19th October 2015. Financial support by big-hearted American poet Mechel Gallaway Daniels. Financial Support by Big heart Americal Poet Mechel Galleway Daniels [Read More]