Completed Projects

Cold wave Survivor Support Project

Collaborating Organizations: Samriddha Nepal Financial support : Luxmi Petticrew and her family Start Date : 1st Jan, 2017 End Date : 4th Jan, 2017 Description: ISDRI Nepal had worked together with Samriddha Nepal to distribute relief items to the inhabitants of Musahar community at Kathauna. We handed out warm clothes, quilts and beddings targeting 46 households of Kathauna. We had to distribute the quilts and beddings to every single house. The relief items were distributed to two dense settlements along the highway. Representatives of every household were gathered and handed out the relief by calling their names one by one. [Read More]

Visual disabilities Children Support Project

Collaborating Organizations: Italia Sky Sport and Luxmi Petticrew and family Start Date : 23th Nov, 2016 End Date : 26th Nov, 2016 Description: ISDRI Nepal) have provided material assistances and clothes to a Kathmandu-based a shelter home for children with visual disabilities. ISDRI, Nepal is  a not-for-profit organization, provided the succour to visually impaired children taking refuge in a ‘Free Education Home’ run by the Blind Development Association (BDA). Free Education Home, is an organization based in Goldhunga, one of the several villages in Tarkeshwor municipality, which lies four kilometers north-east of Balaju, Kathmandu, that provides education and livelihood support for children with visual impairment. There are currently 12 children taking shelter in the Free Education Home. The children, some of them orphans, were brought from various remote districts including Jumla, Humla, Mugu, Rolpa, Gorkha, Ramachhap and Kavre after they were abandoned by their families and relatives. [Read More]

Luxmi Petticrew Children Support Project 1st

Financial support : Luxmi Petticrew and family Start Date : 25th  July, 2016 End Date : 30th  July, 2016 Description: ISDRI, Nepal provided dress, reading materials, Play materials,  Drawing Materials and exercise books for highly marginalized idigenous ethnic ‘Chepang’ community, Sayapatri  primary schools Chhimkeshowari VDC -3 Tanahu. Where 50 Chepang children studying class 1-5. [Read More]

Educational Materials Support Project 2nd

Financial support  : Francesca Romana Cerullo and Deborah Hale Start Date : 20th  April, 2016 End Date :  25th  April, 2016 Description: ISDRI Nepal distributed educational materials to 70 students of Sitadevi Kali Lower Secondary School based in Chaughare VDC-5, Lalitpur district. The relief materials were distributed to the students on the first anniversary of the devastating earthquake of April 25, 2015. The school family has been moved to safer place after cracks appeared in two newly constructed buildings of the school, while the classes are being run by erecting temporary teaching center. Despite being a remote VDC, Chaughare has not been able attract the government’s attention for the district is counted as a mainstream district. The village in ward-5 of Chaughare VDC lies 29 km away from the district headquarters of Lalitpur. The quake-affected families of this place didn’t catch anyone’s notice even during the earthquake. It is a sad fact that a majority of the students of this place belong to the marganilised indigenous group of Tamang. The students of this place were unable to go to school due to lack of basic educational material. Each of the students were given a school bag, copies, pens, pencils, erasers,... [Read More]

Educational Materials Support Project 1 st

Collaborating Organizations: Italia Sky Sport and Lety Bonelli Start Date : 25th February, 2016 End Date :  29th  February, 2016 Description: Educational materials were distributed to 35 children. These children were studying in Nursery to    Class 8 at Jhaukhels local community secondary school Ajad Bhaktapur. The supplies included colour pencil sets, drawing paper, story books and stationery sets, and were distributed in the presence of Principal Keshav Baniya and other teachers. The 35 children and their parents are workers at the nearby brick factory. The parents and children both work, although according to Keshav Baniya, these children are our guest students. They study here for 6 months and for another 6 months study in their own home town. They work morning and evening as well as during their school holidays. The children going to school tired has become routine. [Read More]

  Earthquake Victim  Orphaned children Support Project

Financial support  : Francesca Romana Cetrullo, Guido Scesi, Maria Eugenia Beartic. Start Date : 28th  Agust   2015 End Date :  30th  Agust   2015  Description: ISDRI distributed backpacks and stationery sets to 50 orphan children. These children were orphaned by the massive earthquake of 25th April 2015. They have been rescued by Patanjali Yogpeeth, Chakrapath, Kathmandu. [Read More]

HIV affected orphan children support Project

Financial support : Mechel Gallaway Daniels, Deborah Hale and Robert   Berryman Start Date : 19th  Oct   2015 End Date :  11th Nov  2015 Discription: ISDRI provided construction meterials , blankets, sheets and warm clothes  to HIV affected orphan children at   the Baby Life Home centre (where , 23 HIV affected orphan children stayed ), Bhaktepati, Kritipur, Kathmandu . [Read More]

Earthquake  Survivor Support Project 4th

Financial support : Robert Anderson and friends, Jennifer Heinke Start Date : 26 Jan  2016 End Date :  29 Jan 2016 Description:  ISDRI Nepal Provided warm clothes, Blankets, Sweeters, Mafuller, Hats gloves etc. for highly marginalised indigenous  ethnic ‘Pahari’  community in Chhampi VDC Lalitpur. There are 67 benifesari Household by this project. [Read More]

Earthquake Survivor Support Project 3rd

Financial support : Robert Anderson and friends, Patricia Eckton, Eliza Bapet, Lena Breuer, Robert Berryman Start Date : 7 Jan  2016 End Date :  10 Jan 2016 Description:  ISDRI, Nepal distribute blanket to those who are battling with bone – chilling cold. The April 25 earthquake destroyed almost houses in Bramchi VDC Sindhupalchok district and thousands of people are being obliged to live in temporary tents and many others lost their food, warm clothes as well as their dear and near ones. ISDRI distribute nearly 90 pieces of blankets in Baramchi VDC to untouchable family deprived and marginalised group, single woman and handicapped. [Read More]

Earthquake  Survivor Support Project 2nd

Financial support: 潘布悔, Alice Spogis Start Date : 24th Dec.  2015 End Date : 27th Dec.  2015 Description : This has been the coldest year in the past 3 years in Nepal. It is having a bad effect on recently delivered women, children and old people. On top of this cold weather, the massive earthquake and India’s blockage has been like a death note to the affected people. Many people have been badly affected and are dying due to cold weather and they are in a precarious situation. In response to this situation, ISDRI Nepal has distributed jackets to 30 highly marginalize ethnic community children in the very remote area of Tanahu district, Chhinkeshwory V.D.C. Ward-3. [Read More]