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Relief distribution in flood-hit Rautahat

ISDRI Nepal distributed relief to the flood affected people at Mansuri Tol in Ishannath Municipality-8 of Rautahat district. In the last week of August, the organization extended relief goods to 100 households that were badly affected by recent floods. People mostly from down-trodden communities such as Musahar, Dalit, and Muslim community were hardest hit by the flooding. The incessant monsoon rains that lashed Nepal for three days (on August 13, 14 and 15) had inundated the entire settlement in the locality.  The ISDRI Nepal team that reached the village to extend support felt that the havoc wreaked by floods have left them high and dry. The inundated settlements had not dried out when the ISDRI team reached there. All the houses are cluttered following the disaster. The floods have swept away crops including rice paddy, thereby causing a huge loss.  The locals have been relying on alternative routes to move as the rice fields have been waterlogged. Daily life of flood survivors seemed risky, children could not play freely, they looked really helpless. The locals said the disaster caused an immense loss to livestock as the number of buffalos, mule, chickens and goats perished in the floods were too... [Read More]

Relief distribution to flood affected people in Ratnanagar

ISDRI Nepal distributed relief materials to the flood affected people of ward5, 6 and 7 of Chitwan’s Ratnanagar Municipality. Apart from distributing food stuff to 92 households, the ISDRI also ran free health camps. Highly marginalized indesigenious people Bote, Musahar, Kumal, and Dalit ethnic communities were hardest hit by the floods. The settlements were inundated due to incessant rainfall that lasted for three days (from August 13-15).  Mostly people from Musahar and Bote communities were rendered homeless following the flooding. These communities were marginally poor even before the disaster hit. The flood hit settlements had not completely dried when the ISDRI team reached there. The belongings of the flood affected people were littered everywhere. Their paddy fields were washed out, and it was difficult to move from one place to another due to flood deposited mud layers. The flood affected people seemed helpless. They said the floods caused a huge loss of livestock. The toll of the dead animals such as buffalo, chickens, and goats was countless. The disaster didn’t even spare the banana fields nearby the houses. The relief goods were distributed on August 22 with the active participation from various organizations based in Chitwan district. Prof. Dr.... [Read More]

Agreement between ISDRI Nepal and highly marginalized Chepang community school

A three-point agreement has been signed between ISDRI Nepal and Sayapatri Primary School based in Dandagaun of Aanbukhaireni Village Council – 6, Tanahun district, to appoint teacher for the school from Chepang community. Volunteer Margrit Leuenberger, at her personal initiative, has established a project titled ‘Direkthilfe in Nepal – Highly Marginalised Indigenous Ethnic Community School Support Program’ to collect fund for hiring Chepang language based teacher.  Chepang community is highly marginalised ethnic community and is at the brink of extinction. Nepal government has not been able to take necessary steps to protect this community and provide basic needs for this community. This community has its own language, culture and lifestyle. Most of the people from Chepang community have been deprived of school education. Now it is really important to make the members of this community literate. For this, it is vital to create an environment to ensure the Chepang community children’s access to school. With the support from Margrit Leuenberger and her friends, ISDRI Nepal has been making endeavors to give lease of life to the school as part of its education initiatives in a small Chepang village. Margrit is the chief of Switzerland-based organization, ‘Nepal Mit Genuss.’ She... [Read More]

David Mechel Woman Empowerment Project 1st

  ISDRI Nepal working together with Dedicated Woman Small Entrepreneur Cooperative Ltd. in Three month Skill Development training garment and Handcraft for six marginalized, violence victim, conflict victim and single woman. After this training, ISDRI promise to provide six pieces of Loom machine for participating women. Collaboration organization: Dedicated Woman Small Entrepreneur Cooperative Ltd., Surkhet. Starting Date: 27 th March, 2017 Ending Date: August,  2017 [Read More]

Assistance to a Chepang village school

Sayapatri Primary School of Tanahun’s Chimkeshwori VDC-3 has been provided assistance by ISDRI Nepal. Ten sets of desk and benches, three sets of white board, one 500 liter capacity hill tank, 20 meter carpet, among other education materials were donated. A team led by ISRDI Chairman Mohan Gyawali reached the village on February 3, 2017 to extend the assistance. The team organized a programme on the school premises and handed over the assistance in the presence of the local community members and school family. It takes 80 km bus ride from Kathmandu and three-hour uphill walk in order to reach Kholagaun village. Currently, there are around 48 students including those in children’s development education class in the school. The school was established in 2068 BS. Classes up to grade five are in operation at the school. The government has appointed only one teacher for the school and a woman from Gurung community has been teaching at the school and another Gurung woman has been teaching under children education quota. The people of this Chepang village generally communicate in their mother language. The villagers said that the school needs two teachers who can teach in Chepang language as all the... [Read More]

Distribution of relief items to Musahars in Saptari

  On 4th January we headed for the Musahar settlement of Saptari district from Kathmandu via Banepa-Sindhuli-Bardibas road (or BP Highway). We reached Bardibas of Mahottari district and stopped there for the night. The next day (5th January), we moved towards Saptari district through Dhalkabar in Dhanusha district and Lahan, the headquarters of Siraha. Before reaching the district headquarters, Rajbiraj, we got off at Kathauna of Sambhunath municipality and headed towards the Musahar settlement along the East-West highway. As we entered the settlement, many pathetic sights greeted us. Children of Musahar were trembling in the midst of dense and chilly fog, while others were making fire from dry hay. We realized that it had been a daily routine of the Musahar community to huddle around ember of Guintha (cow-dung- briquette) during winter. They were compelled to sit around fire to escape the cold wave. To add to their woes, there is no forest nearby because of which they have not been able to keep themselves warm. Notwithstanding all these odd circumstances, the Musahar children were seen playing in their neighborhood.  That really seemed like a foreign world. Our organization ISDRI Nepal had worked together with Samriddha Nepal to distribute... [Read More]

Succour for children with visual disabilities

The Integrated Social Development and Research Institute (ISDRI Nepal) have provided material assistances and clothes to a Kathmandu-based a shelter home for children with visual disabilities. ISDRI, a not-for-profit organization, provided the succour to visually impaired children taking refuge in a ‘Free Education Home’ run by the Blind Development Association (BDA). Free Education Home, is an organization based in Goldhunga, one of the several villages in Tarkeshwor municipality, which lies four kilometers north-east of Balaju, Kathmandu, that provides education and livelihood support for children with visual impairment. There are currently 12 children taking shelter in the Free Education Home. The children, some of them orphans, were brought from various remote districts including Jumla, Humla, Mugu, Rolpa, Gorkha, Ramachhap and Kavre after they were abandoned by their families and relatives. Mr. Mohan Prasad Gyawali, ISDRI President, personally handed over the material assistance to Binod Kafle, BDA Chair, on Novembar25 amid big applause from children who were apparently welcoming the first television set in the shelter. Besides television set, Gyawali provided 5 sets MP3 voice recorders, 15 sets of the high-neck sweater, after finding out the immediate need of the shelter. Students said that they will watchand listened the comedy show... [Read More]

Educational materials distributed to Chepang students in Tanahu

ISDRI, Nepal provided dress, reading materials, Play materials,  Drawing Materials and exercise books for highly marginalized idigenous ethnic ‘Chepang’ community, Sayapatri primary schools Chhimkeshowari VDC -3 Tanahu. Whre 50 Chepang children studying class 1-5. Financial supported by – Luxmi Petticrew and family, Alice Spogis, Roberta Anderson and Deborah Hale. [Read More]

Educational materials distributed

Our organization ISDRI distributed educational materials to 70 students of Sitadevi Kali Lower Secondary School based in Chaughare VDC-5, Lalitpur district. The relief materials were distributed to the students on the first anniversary of the devastating earthquake of April 25, 2015. The school family has been moved to safer place after cracks appeared in two newly constructed buildings of the school, while the classes are being run by erecting temporary teaching center. Despite being a remote VDC, Chaughare has not been able attract the government’s attention for the district is counted as a mainstream district. The village in ward-5 of Chaughare VDC lies 29 km away from the district headquarters of Lalitpur. The quake-affected families of this place didn’t catch anyone’s notice even during the earthquake. It is a sad fact that a majority of the students of this place belong to the marganilised indigenous group of Tamang. The students of this place were unable to go to school due to lack of basic educational material. Each of the students were given a school bag, copies, pens, pencils, erasers, and drawing board, including a set of text books. At the program, chairman of the organization, Mohan Prasad Gyawali showed... [Read More]

Relief materials distributed to brick factory workers and their children by ISDRI

On Monday, February 29, 2016 clothing donated by generous donors from Europe was distributed to workers of Jaya Dibyaswori Brick Factory located at Bhaktapur Jhaukhe. About 150 workers and their children received donations, distributed by the charitable group ISDRI. The workers are from the hill region of Nepal, the Terai, and are hired to work in various brick factories of Bhaktapur. Rolpa, Rukum, Ramechhap, Sindhuli, Kavre, Sindhupalchowk, Nuwakot, Sarlahi and Rautahat including Baake’s workers. For the 6 month period Bhaktapur’s brick factory is a suitable place to work and earn money. Some labourers are also from India’s Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. The people who provided the clothing are citizens of Germany, Austria, and Japan. This clothing was sent to Nepal through the EMS service, who continue their work providing support for people in need. The unanimous decision of the ISDRI organization was to distribute more than 300 pieces of clothing to the brick factory workers. These workers are poor and their children’s lives are very painful and tragic. Education, health and sanitation are the natural right of these workers but the situation in Nepal is complex. With this end in mind, ISDRI has been distributing relief materials. Children accompany... [Read More]