Assistance to a Chepang village school

Sayapatri Primary School of Tanahun’s Chimkeshwori VDC-3 has been provided assistance by ISDRI Nepal. Ten sets of desk and benches, three sets of white board, one 500 liter capacity hill tank, 20 meter carpet, among other education materials were donated. A team led by ISRDI Chairman Mohan Gyawali reached the village on February 3, 2017 to extend the assistance. The team organized a programme on the school premises and handed over the assistance in the presence of the local community members and school family.

It takes 80 km bus ride from Kathmandu and three-hour uphill walk in order to reach Kholagaun village.

Currently, there are around 48 students including those in children’s development education class in the school. The school was established in 2068 BS. Classes up to grade five are in operation at the school. The government has appointed only one teacher for the school and a woman from Gurung community has been teaching at the school and another Gurung woman has been teaching under children education quota.

The people of this Chepang village generally communicate in their mother language. The villagers said that the school needs two teachers who can teach in Chepang language as all the students’ mother tongue is Chepang. It has been realized that the students have been facing difficulties in their studies due to different language of the teachers. No single student from the Chepang community has passed grade 12 as of now. School Management Committee Chairperson Sukmaya Chepang laments that the school has a lot of challenges to grow as none of the teachers has passed class 10. Fifty-five-year-old Sukmaya Chepang herself is illiterate.

The villagers believe that the school and Chepang students would be hugely benefitted if Mangal Chepang, 34, who quit studies after hardly passing grade 8, and 19-year-old Sajan Chepang, who is currently studying at grade 12 in Chitwan, could be appointed as teachers at the school with the support from private sector.  Mangal Chepang has been teaching at the school since its establishment. But the District Education Office removed him citing lack of necessary qualification according to the government rule.  Sukmaya says that the effort to retain Mangal as a teacher at the school through private source couldn’t bear fruit after the failure to collect money from the village. Now it seems highly necessary to retain Sajan Chepang, along with Mangal, as teacher at the school. US citizen Sophie Leclerc has promised to try her best to collect money for the salary of the proposed Chepang teachers.

Sophie has assured to collect fund for the salary of private teachers at the school. As a tourist visiting Nepal, she became a part of the assistance distribution team. She was born in France.

Irish Luxmi Petticrew and her family sponsored and paid for the transportation of the materials distributed at the school.